Turistic places to get to know the amazing Caribbean Region


The Caribbean Region, known for its sun and sea, offers her visitors a great number of beautiful and amazing places that will fill your vacations with magic and will give you memories that will never be forgotten. You don’t need to go out of the country, just travel around your region and live the culture and the beauty of its nature.

You can visit Magdalena river, and the Rosario Islands, a place with an amazing aquarium with great animal diversity that you can see and even interact with.

There’s also Tayrona Park, a place of incredible natural beauty and with beaches covered by different shades of blue and golden sand. You can enjoy walks across the Sierra Nevada, where you can see the vegetation that makes the Tayrona Park one of the most important natural reserves of our country.

A historic place, La Quinta de San Pedro, is located in Santa Marta. It was the place where Simón Bolívar lived and died which makes it a must-visit place for people who are interested in learning about Colombian and Latin American history. In addition, Santa Marta has a great number of beaches such as Rodadero, Playa Blanca, and the bay where you can see the arrival of the ships.

In Atlántico, for a more cultural plan, you can visit Totumo Volcano which is lovated at the limit area of the department. It is known for being a great skin treatment. In Barranquilla you can enjoy a beautiful natural show in Bocas de Ceniza, where the river and the sea come together as one. And for the little ones, you have the Zoo.

Moving forward, we can see La Guajira with beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a great family time, Cabo de la Vela with amazing landscapes and sunsets. It is also the perfect place to learn about indigenous culture in Rancherías.

In Valledupar, Guatapurí River is an ideal place to listen to Vallenato and taste delicious Caribbean food.

Corralito de Piedra is also one of the main touristic places for locals and foreign people, and it offers many activities as visiting Boca Grande beaches. In Downtown Cartagena you can visit the old city, which is full of history in the buildings, the streets and its museums and contrasts the present with the past. There’s also San Felipe Castle and its many monuments.

This is just a glimpse of the essence from the Caribbean Region, a mix of history, natural beauty and diversity in every single place, with the warmth and kindness of its people.