“Spectacled bear under human care for 20 years”


The spectacled bear which was transferred to Barranquilla from Manizales will be out of public sight for a month, as decided by the Biology Department of the Botanic and Zoological Foundation.

The decision generated controversy in social media. Christian Olaciregui, Head of the Biology Department of the Botanic and Zoological Foundation, explained that the new member of the family will be under quarantine and under observation of biologists, veterinarians and a team of professionals who will take care of the animal during the adaptation process to its new habitat.

“I want to clarify that this is a bear that lived inside Río Blanco reserve in Manizales. It has been under human care for over 20 years”, stated Olaciregui, disproving the rumor that had been spreading in the last days, which claimed that the bear was free in the reserve and was “captured” to be taken to the zoo.

During the adaptation period, a 21 year old female is waiting its new partner in its habitat shared with “Marimondas” –ateles hybridus or spider monkey- that make children and grown-ups laugh with the way they move through ropes, walls and sticks.

The biologist, also explained that Barranquilla’s weather and its location at sea level won’t affect the health of the spectacled bear. “We have housed spectacled bears for many decades now; it is a species that obviously lives in mountain ecosystems, but they do descend to lower territories”.

While “Chucho”, as it was called by their caregivers in Caldas, is in quarantine, thousands of families and students from Barranquilla, hope to meet the new member to take pictures, and why not, see him as a candidate for Mayor of the Zoo.