KillArt, another alternative for the Caribbean art


The third version of the International Street Art Festival in Barranquilla – KillArt started this past Monday. This year, the street walls of Barrio Abajo will be full of color and live, thanks to many international and local artists. It will also be the stage for workshops, panels and exhibitions.

From March 6 to 12, graffiti artists will be allowed to paint on assigned walls of Barrio Abajo, from Carrera 50 between via 40 and Murillo Street. There will also be academic and cultural events as part of the agenda, such as workshops about sticker art and art portfolios, a panel about the understanding of Street Art and the “In Situ” exhibition.

In its third version KillArte comes to Barranquilla as an opportunity for cultural exchange. And allows people form Barranquilla and visitors to see what the Caribbean style and the local culture brings to graffiti art. It will also give two local artist the opportunity to be part of this year’s Street Art Festival in France.

Juan Jaramillo, Secretary of Culture says the Local Government sees this festival as a touristic strategy: “Barranquilla is known as a highly touristic city, and in many other cities there’s an interest in the graffiti tour”. He also claimed that the Local Government sees no trouble in giving more financial support to increase the number of scholarships for barranquilleros who want to participate in the upcoming Street Art Festival in France. To the Secretary, this initiative brings somemagic realism into the picture, which is very much appreciated in this time because of the 90th birthday of the late writer Gabriel García Márquez.

On the other side, General Director of the Alianza Francesa in Barranquilla, Philippe Mouchet explained this is a nonprofit festival financed by the Alianza Francesa with support from the Local Government, with a $19 million pesos Budget, in order to open the doors and create opportunities for local artists. To him, Barranquilla has to make an effort to be known for more than its Carnival.

IMG_20170315_051037The Police Force is also a fundamental part of the Festival since it is in charge of the security during the painting process of the artists, 7 of whom are French (Cart1, Hopare, Reso, Vinie, Goin, Kic Creol and Boggie), 3 from Bogotá (Guache, Gris and Notable) and 6 barranquilleros (Graff24, Roberto Barraza, Joy, Omar Alonso, Linda Montoya and Shot).

This Festival is also possible thanks to the support and accompaniment by Asociación Troi3 and Lienzo Urbano, and the support of the Secretary of Culture, Heritage and Turism, the National Program of Cultural Concertation of the Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of France, among others.