Electricaribe, the Energy Company with the most service interruptions


The Superintendence of Domestic Public Services made a study to measure the quality of the energy in Colombia. The report, that’s based on Saidi indicators (hours interrupted per year) and Saifi (number of interruptions per year), shows a concerning result, since the service of some companies is similar to the situation in Africa.

In addition to the Caribbean Coast, where Electricaribe provides energy and the users suffer around 96 interruptions of the public service during the year, there are other regions where the situation is alarming, such as: Centrales Eléctricas de Nariño – Cedenar y Empresa Distribuidora del Pacifico (Dispaceach one with 75 hours of interruption per subscriber; Empresa de Energía de Cundinamarca-EEC (73 horas), Compañía Energética de Tolima – Enertolima (70 horas), and Electrificadora del Caquetá- Electrocaquetá (55 horas).

Taking into account that the national average consists in 38 hours, Compañía de Electricidad de Tuluá – Cetsa is the company with the best quality in the country with only 3 hours of interruption per year. Other companies from Quindío, Bogotá, Medellín, Boyacá, Cali and Pereira, with less than 20 hours each, are in the list of the best quality energy service.

The study shows there is a significant gap between the different regions of the country, which makes the country function with to opposite speeds in matter of energy service quality. This means, a part of the country is on the level of Latin-American capitals while there are areas with extremely inferior conditions

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